Full List

• Huo’s Ointment (For external use - redness, swollen, hot and
pain symptoms )

• Huo’s Mucus Powder (For cancer and tumor/cyst)

• Huo’s Shaking Powder (For Parkinson’s disease and shaking

• Pearl Powder (For beautiful skin)

• Anti-Viral Tea (For viral infection)

• Herbal Cleansing Tea (For detoxification)

• Cough Asthma Powder (For cough and asthma)

• Qi Tea (For Qi deficiency)

• Yin Tea (For Yin deficiency)

• Blood Tea (For Blood deficiency)

• Herbal Pain Killer (For pain)

• Stroke Herbal Pills (For stroke)

• Nail Fungus Lotion/Ointment (For fungal toe/finger nails)

• Fracture Soak Solution(For fracture)
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