Yanqun has been, and still is, very instrumental in keeping my husband  alive since
    2010, when he was diagnosed with inoperable Renal Cell Cancer in his Liver and Left
    Lung which metastasized from his Kidney to his Right Lobe to his Liver and Left
    Lung.  Having refused  Chemotherapy because he was told it would not cure him but
    cause side effects, he decided he wanted to have a quality of life and therefore elected
    to seek alternative treatment, which led him to Yanqun. With Yanqun’s Acupuncture
    and Herbs, my husband has been living a quality of life, free of pain. He looks good,
    feels good, drives everywhere - day and night, and is as active if not more active than
    other eighty-five year olds. I attribute his longevity and quality of life to Yanqun.
    As for myself, having had constant back pain since the age of 29 after wrenching my
    finding it almost intolerable to move, my husband convinced me to seek the help of
    Yanqun with whom - as luck would have it - he had an appointment that day. After As
    for myself, having had constant back receiving acupuncture for three days in a row, I
    was able to resume my normal row, I was able to resume my normal activities.  Two
    other incidents necessitated activities.  Two other incidents necessitated visits to
    Yanqun for acupuncture which helped me greatly. I still go for acupuncture
    periodically for purposes of  maintenance even though my back is  stable, thanks to
    During my initial visit with you, two months ago, I explained that I have been in
    constant back-pain for 48 years and have been exposed to numerous and various
    Therapies throughout the years without satisfactory relief.
    I was told over and over again that there was nothing that could be done - UNTIL
    Since and throughout my initial 3 daily Treatments in a row, my 4 subsequent weekly
    visits and my subsequent treatment today (as a maintenance treatment, only), I have
    been and still continue to be pain-free.
    I just wanted to take this moment to thank you again and again and again because,
    after 48 years of constant pain, you, and you alone, have made me free of pain.
    Thanks again
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    I was a participant at one of Dr. Zhong’s seminars. It was a wonderful seminar and I
    learned a lot from her. She is very knowledgeable in TCM and has a great bedside
    I had terrible stomachache and diarrhea for 10 days. The medication didn't help me. I
    could hardly work. After I was treated by Yanqun Zhong just 1 session, the
    stomachache got relieved dramatically and diarrhea stopped. I did a few more
    maintenance treatments and took some herbal medicine, all the symptoms are gone
    and my energy came back to me. Strongly recommended her for acupuncture and
    Chinese medicine. Thank you!
    My son had insomnia and anxiety for over half year. His symptoms got worse that he
    could not even go to school. He didn't want to take medication, so Dr.Yanqun Zhong
    treated him with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine. After a few sessions, he is able
    to sleep well at night. Also he is calm and able to go back to school and resume his
    normal activities. No he is happy again. Thank you, Dr. Zhong!
    Dr. Zhong is an excellent teacher. I took seminars from her and watched her treating
    patients. I learned a lot from her diagnostic skills and treatment strategies on various
    diseases, especially on infertility, emotional disorders, stroke paralysis and cancer. Her
    compassion to the patients are very impressive. Definitely recommended.
    I once had excruciating stomache. Dr. Zhong treated me with aucpuncture. After just
    one treatment, the pain was diminished and never came back again. Since then, she
    also successfully treated my seasonal allergy, my shoulder injury and lower back pain
    due to sports and exercise. Dr. Zhong is my only doctor in my life. Thank you, Dr.
Thank you so much for all of
your help! This little miracle
wouldn't have been possible
without you! I can't wait for
you to meet her!
    I’ve been coming here for acupuncture with Yanqun for eight years, approximately.
    First, I came here for my bladder and my knees and arms, and my blood pressure. I
    take the medication only from here. I don’t use any other medication. In the beginning,
    I had bladder problems. They were so bad that I couldn’t hold my water. My bladder
    is now 100 percent better. That was about seven years ago. As for my knees, as long
    as I don’t do steps, I’m fine. My doctor originally wanted me to do a knee replacement
    for both of my knees, but I said ‘no’. I didn’t get knee replacements in the end. My
    knees aren’t swollen now so long as I come here once a month. I even painted my
    grand-daughter’s house at the age of seventy-five and the inside of my own house. I
    also had a stroke four years ago. It was on my right side. Although I haven’t regained
    all feeling back to parts of my arm, I can use my arm and hand freely thanks to
    treatment from Yanqun. I highly recommend acupuncture from Yanqun Zhong.
            I never believed acupuncture would work that well until I was treated by Dr.
    Zhong. I suffered constant pain on right lower abdomen. I thought it might be
    appendicitis. Dr. Zhong did physical examination and recognized that my pain was
    caused by emotional imbalance. She treated me with acupuncture, Chinese herbal
    medicine, and emotional coaching. I got fully recovery from that pain. She also
    treated my lower back pain and knee pain. All the pain was gone. Dr. Zhong is a
    very experienced and very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend Dr. Zhong.
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