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Innovative Herbal Patches

 20 years ago while Dr. Zhi Ling Huo worked as an orthopedic surgeon in China,
he invented the ointment that speeds up the healing of bone fracture and soft
tissue injuries.  The ointment was recognized as a “Miracle Cure” by the former
president of the International Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery Dr. Chen,
Zhong Wei - the pioneer of replantation surgery.
500 patients underwent clinical trials conducted by Dr. Huo for treating
costochondritis.  The ointment was very effective not only for costochondritis but
also for acute conditions such as: sprains, sport injuries, muscle and ligament
inflammation, shoulder and joint inflammation, early and middle staged fracture and
injury, traumatic injuries and other nonbacterial inflammation.  Since then, the
ointment was widely used in China, Australia and the United States.  
Today, Dr. Yanqun Zhong, integrated Dr. Huo’s ointment with the advanced
technology.  She created the cooling ointment patch that combines Dr. Huo’s
original Chinese herbal formula with modern hydrophilic macromolecule gel.  The
patch has the same effectiveness but easy to use and carry.  It became a very
popular clinic and household item because it’s natural, effective and convenient.  

After the success of Dr.Huo’s ointment patch, Dr. Zhong researched hundreds of
Chinese herbal formulas and found out one of the most effective herbal formula for
arthritis and other chronic pain conditions.  This formula was invented by one of
the most honorable doctors in China - Dr. Shi, Xue Min.  It has been used for over
30 years in the hospitals in China and helped millions of patients.  Once again, Dr.
Zhong designed the warming ointment patch that treats all chronic conditions
including: arthritis, late stage of fracture, injuries and traumatic injuries, carpal
tunnel, tennis elbow, chronic back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain …. etc.
These cooling and warming patches help all kinds of pain in all stages.  They bring
pain patients remarkable relieve.  Not only do they relieve the pain without side-
effect, the effectiveness lasts many more times comparing with the same products
on the market.
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